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The "Devices" report shows the distribution of signals based on the type of device (mobile, desktop, bot, console...) and related daily volumes. 
The analysis of this kind of information allows to quickly guess the occurrence of issues depending on specific devices, allowing to focus the attention on that part of systems. 

It is possible to change the type of graph by clicking on the icon on the right (bar, line and area graphs).

For periods that include at least 8 days, by clicking on the "Show/hide mobile average" icon, you can respectively show or hide the mobile average, displayed with a dotted line.

Each line of the table shows the following information:

By clicking on the "Details" icon for each type of device, you will access the detailed report that shows the measured data for the selected type:  
The available filters allow an intelligent grouping of the errors, that is useful to quickly identify any problems and resolve them before they have any impact on web browsing:

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