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"Bounces" refers to visits by browsers that entered the site, viewed a single page and exited the website.
The “Bounce Rate” then is the percent of visits by browsers that abandon the site after viewing a single page.

The Bounce Rate is therefore a useful piece of information to gauge user interest in your website.
A high rate shows that visitors tend to abandon your site before exploring it.
However, users exiting a site after viewing a single page may do so for various  reasons: a user may have found the page uninteresting or irrelevant; or, s/he may have entered the site at a page without links; or, contrariwise, s/he may have landed on a page that provided all the relevant data, thereby making any further browsing redundant.

In a general sense, if a page has a high Bounce Rate, it is worthwhile to analyse in depth all available data in order to investigate all possible causes, in order to be able to optimise the page as necessary and minimise the percent of users that exit your website after viewing it.

If the Bounce Rate is high, the following aspects are worth checking:

At any rate, data about Bounces should be analysed paying attention to all potential causes.
There are indeed times when the Bounce Rate may not mean very much in analytical terms. Let's see a few examples: In conclusion, Bounces are a very important tool to evaluate the quality of visits, and the effectiveness of your website (and its entry pages), and also, to figure out traffic sources that generate targeted visits.
On condition, that is, that one pays attention to contingent factors and relates specific data with other significant parameters, first of all the average  time spent on pages (indicative of interest towards the contents on offer) and the visit source (useful to diversify data in connection with  traffic sources).

A high Bounce Rates becomes more worrysome when the average time spent on your site or on specific pages is less. Longer times are a sure indication of visitors' interests for your proposed contents.
On the other hand, a site or a page with lots of visits originating mostly from Direct Requests will show a higher Bounce Rate than a  site or a page which is mostly  visited by people coming from a Search Engine. ==================================================================================================

and Bounce Rate are available only in ShinyStat Pro and ShinyStat Business version, in the following reports:
Bounces and Bounce Rate are available since July 2010.

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