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This report shows the page views to your site during the selected time interval.

In addition to the number of page views, the first table shows the daily average and the period trend.
In case more values are being compared, you will be shown the corresponding average and trend.

The values indicated by (Mon-Fri) and (Sat-Sun) represent the averages of the period which are calculated by considering only the days from Monday to Friday and from Saturday to Sunday, respectively.



On its horizontal axis, the chart shows the days or the months of the represented period and, on the vertical axis, the page views.

It is possible to change the type of graph by clicking on the icon on the right (bar, line and area graphs).
For periods that include at least 8 days, by clicking on the "Show/hide mobile average" icon, you can respectively show or hide the mobile average, displayed with a dotted line.

Selecting a period that includes today and no longer than 122 days, the real time data and the daily forecast for the current day are represented in different colors.


The table shows the page views totaled day by day.

For periods that include more than 122 days, the data are represented on a monthly basis rather than daily and the last two columns show the percentage of variation with reference to the previous month (in the first column) and with respect to the same month of the previous year (in the second).

Clicking on the name of each month you can view the daily details.
Selecting a period that includes today and no longer than 122 days, the last two lines of the table show real time data and the daily forecast for the current day.

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