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    How to have ShinyStat™ on Blogger

    [thanks to undercaos] In order to have ShinyStat™ on Blogger/Blogspot you should put ShinyStat™ code in a gadget. Open Blogger dashboard on, click on design.   Add a gadget. Select HTML/JavaScript Give a name to the gadget on Title, that will be written on the ShinyStat™ counter. If one wants just the icone, leave […] more

    ShinyStat at Be-Wizard! 2011

    ShinyStat™ takes part at the convention on friday 11th and saturday 12th 2011 at Palace Hotel in San Marino. Relators are chosen among the highest international experts in web marketing. First day is about presentations and it’s open to all the partecipants, second day is divided in two sessions: one for tourism and one for […] more