ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics is the new tool to analyse the characteristics of the mobile channel in order to optimise your sites for mobile-users. This module is focused on the basic metrics connected to mobile navigation: visits, page views, page views per visit, unique visitors, visit duration, time spent per pages.

ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics - The new tool to evaluate mobile-user behavior on your site

Thanks to ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics you can evaluate mobile-user behavior on your sites: it allows you to measure and analyse how users – especially next-gen smartphone users – behave when they visit classic web pages and not just mSites.

Through this tool, you can isolate the mobile data in order to fully understand your audience according to device used to browse the site.

The ten reports included in the “Mobile Analytics” section enable you to get an overview of the traffic received by mobile devices, providing a detailed view of the behavior of mobile-users when they browse the site using a tablet and when they browse using a smartphone.

ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics tool sums up all this information, offering the following reports:

1.  Mobile traffic
2.  Visits
3.  Page views
4.  Page views per visit
5.  New visitors
6.  Monthly unique visitors
7.  Weekly unique visitors
8.  Daily unique visitors
9.  Time spent on site
10. Time spent on pages

For each of listed metrics, the correspondent report shows data according to the device used by visitors:

– Data from tablet
– Data from smartphones
– Data from any mobile device
– Overall data (regardless of the used device, both mobile and desktop)

The report titled “Traffic from Mobile” sums up the trend of mobile data for main metrics in a single screen, allowing you to see at a glance any increase, decrease or significant changes.

Finally, in order to evaluate the fruition of your Mobile App by users, we recommend ShinyStat ™ App Analytics, the system that provides specific metrics to analyse the activities and behavior of users within a mobile application, providing useful data to optimise content and to identify the strong points and weaknesses of your product.
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