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The report List of Recorded Sessions shows the list of sessions that can be selected and played, to analyze in details the user's interaction with the pages. 

Each session is represented by the set of pages visited by a user and the navigation within the website.

The table columns show:

By clicking on the Play icon in the first column, discover the details of the selected row by viewing the video of the interaction that the user carried out with the website pages.

The available filters allow you to select only the sessions of interest and sort them so that the first rows of the table are the most useful for the analysis.

Session ordering occurs based on:

You can also select sessions that have at least one page with a match with the expression (regular expression) inserted in the field.
This allows you to verify the interaction of users who view certain areas or pages of the website and to understand how they reached those sections.

The filters then allow you to view sessions with a duration greater than a threshold chosen in the selector.

Finally, it is possible to select visits that come from a business network or from any network.


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