Online advertising campaigns - Introduction

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ShinyStat offers a complete suite  for the analysis of the performance of your online advertising campaigns in real time and for optimizing efficiency and ROI whatever the type of advertising chosen: email advertising, display advertising campaigns or keyword advertising campaigns.

In particular, the analysis of  the conversions from campaigns is critical to assess the result of your online campaigns and to verify which are the investments that lead the greatest number of business or target site visits.

It is crucial, in fact, to check not only how many visits a campaign has led, but especially how many and which conversions are generated.
It is not enough for a campaign to bring much traffic, it is better that it leads target visitors to the website, who are potentially interested in the content, goods, services offered.
Conversions, indicating how many visitors have successfully completed a specific action deemed  valuable according to the website owner's objectives of analysis, are the most appropriate measuring instrument for evaluating the success of an online campaign.

The analysis of conversion sources in terms of quantity and revenue make a careful assessment of the return on investment possible. 

ShinyStat offers two different options for  campaigns configuration:

1.CAMPAIGNS FROM PARAMETERS: ideal for wide marketing actions, newsletter, etc
2.CAMPAIGNS FROM DOMAINS: ideal for targeted marketing actions, for affiliations with third-party sites, etc.


Campaigns configured by using the 4.0 version are not compatible with those configured by using 3.7 version.
If in the 3.7 version there are still active campaigns, but you prefer to activate the 4.0 conversions, please contact our Support Centre  

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Online advertising campaigns - Introduction