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When is it advisable to configure a Campaign from domains?

The configuration of a Campaign from domains allows you to associate to a certain campaign all the visits coming from a particular domain, which will be presented in the reports as a detached source of traffic, whose data will be displayed in the Campaigns Referrers report and no more in the Sites Referrers report.

Configuring a campaign from domains is very easy: just choose the NAME identifying the campaign and the DOMAIN of the site partner containing the link to your own website.
Then, the traffic coming from the specified domain will be automatically associated to the configured campaign.

By activating a campaign from domains, it is possible to verify the number of visits and conversions coming from the considered domain in whose pages is present at least one link to your website.

Campaigns from domains are suitable in the following cases:

-LINK EXCHANGE, AFFILIATIONS : in order to consider how much traffic is coming from site partners.
In this case we recommend to configure a campaign from domains because it does not imply any redirect: by allowing the insertion/publication of a direct link, campaigns from domains ensure a better Google's PR passing.
Furthermore, by providing certified data, ShinyStat guarantees the membership value.

-NATURAL OR PRE-EXISTENT LINKS: to separetely track traffic generated by sites that on its own initiative or have long publshed a link to your website, you should opt for campaigns from domains whose configuration requires no intervention from the partner site.

Campaigns from domains thus represent the ideal solution in all cases in which:
- you prefer to keep a direct link to improve Google 's PR (Page Rank)
- it is difficult to ask those offering visibility to insert a link other than the official or one that was entered.

To create a campaign from domains just follow these steps:

You can enter up to 5 different domains. To add a new domain, just click on "Add New URL".
Entering different domains, all data relating to visits from the specified domains will be aggregated and attributed to the specific campaign. Therefore, it will be no longer possible to trace visits from a domain rather than another.


If the partner site is accessible from both and the address without www, that is, we recommend to enter both addresses in the URL field.
N.B: For a correct functioning of the service, the page pointed by the advertising  (landing page) must contain the ShinyStat HTML code.


Before configuring a campaign from domains, please read the Cautions 

Campaigns configured by using the 4.0 version are not compatible with those configured by using 3.7 version.If in the 3.7 version there are still active campaigns, but you prefer to activate the 4.0 conversions, please contact our Support Centre

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