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Which cautions must one observe before setting up a campaign from domains?

Warning! Before configuring a campain from domain, we recommend to read the following cautions.

Check whether you need to consider more sources.
If the partner site is accessible from both and the address without www, that is, we recommend to enter both addresses in the URL field.

2. For a correct functioning of the service, the page pointed by the advertising (landing page) must contain the ShinyStat HTML code.

3. Campaigns have priority over other traffic sources.
After setting up a campaign from domains, the URL shown in the configuration will no longer appear in the Sites or Search engines reports but in the Campaign referrers one.

4. It is not possible to configure a campaign from parameters to monitor the return on Keyword Advertising actions (Pay Per Click).
You cannot configure campaigns to monitor traffic from Pay per Click  as it would lead to fragmentation of precious details, such as the search keywords used by users.
We recommend using ShinyStat's PPC automatic detection system : simply select the options for automatic monitoring in the profile of your Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing.
For further information: Step 5 - Referrer - PPC (Pay Per Click) Keys

5. Similarly, it is not possible to create a campaign from parameters for TrovaPrezzi network, as the data on those referrers are already automatically tracked.   Warning!
Campaigns configured by using the 4.0 version are not compatible with those configured by using 3.7 version.
If in the 3.7 version there are still active campaigns, but you prefer to activate the 4.0 conversions, please contact our Support Centre  


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