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Google Ads Keywords

The Google Ads Keywords report shows the performance of the keys set in Google Ads that are used to show ads. As with other reports in the same category, it shows the metrics retrieved through the Google Ads API in relation to the data acquired on your ShinyStat account.

How to view the report

To view the report:

  1. Log in to your ShinyStat account
  2. Click on Web Analytics in the side menu
  3. Scroll to the Google Ads item and click on Keywords

The report will be selectable only after associating a Google Ads account from which to retrieve the data. See the Configuration item for more details.

Metrics and Dimensions

Among the metrics retrieved from Google Ads we find:

The following ShinyStat metrics are associated with this data:

Combining data retrieved from the API and ShinyStat data, this report also shows the following metrics:

The report contains the following Dimensions:

Key The keyword set in Google Ads that is used to show ads
Match Type The match type of the key. It can take on the following values:
  • Broad
  • Exact
  • Phrase
  • Unknown
  • Unspecified


The table below details the various metrics you will find in the Google Ads - Keywords report:

Impression (Google Ads) Indicates how often ads from your keyword appeared on search results pages or on websites in the Google network.
Click (Google Ads) The number of clicks on ad group ads
CTR (Google Ads)  Click-through rate (CTR) measures how many times people click on your Google Ads ads after they have been shown.
CTR = (Clicks / Impressions) * 100%.
Cost (Google Ads) The amount you spent on your keyword ads on Google Ads
Page views The pages viewed on your ShinyStat site following a click on an ad
Enter Entry on your ShinyStat site following a click on an ad
Bounce rate The percentage of sessions in which a visitor only saw one page and did not navigate to other pages on your site.
Bounce rate = Bounces / Entry * 100%
Conversion rate The click-through rate in which a user completed a conversion.
Conversion rate = Conversions / Clicks * 100%
Conversions The number of conversions completed in a visit
Revenues The amount of revenue generated from conversions
Costs/Conversion The ratio of the ad group's advertising costs to the conversions generated.
CC = Costs / Conversions
ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) shows whether your Google Ads ad spend has resulted in conversion revenue.
ROAS = Revenues / Costs * 100%
Average conversion value Indicates the average revenue value of the conversions generated by the keyword.
Val = Revenues / Conversions
Video Views(Google Ads) The number of times your video ads have been viewed. For ad group of video campaigns only
CPV (Google Ads) Indicates the relationship between the costs incurred and the number of video ads seen.
CPV = Costs / Video Views


By default some metrics are hidden in the table representation, but you can view them by clicking on the column management icon indicated in the top right corner of the table itself:

Ads - ShinyStat add column

The filters available in the report allow you to filter the results by campaign names, ad group names, match types and names of conversions generated so that you can observe only the records most useful for the analysis.Filters also have an open search field by key name.

Ads - Key Filters

As with other ShinyStat reports, you can sort the data table by the metric that is most important to you by clicking the metric column header. Click the icon in the Details column to drill down to a more granular level of metrics or the icon in the Trend column to view the daily trend of the selected keyword.


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