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What are the most followed paths within the site?

Analyzing the customer journey improves the usability of the site and the sections where conversions are more frequent.
The Pages> Routes report shows the most popular paths on the site.
The term "path" indicates the sequence of pages viewed by a visitor during a session, up to a maximum of 6 page views.

The first table shows the number of significant paths, the number of the paths displayed in the chart and listed underneath and the average number of page views per visit.


The graphs provide a visual description of the visit paths. Each requested page is represented by a number.
The first number represents the entry page, while the following numbers indicate the pages viewed subsequently.
In general, each level shows the pages  viewed starting from the previous ones, to which they are visually connected.

The flows and lines in fact represent the path from one page to another; their thickness indicates the frequency, ie the number of times that those pages have been viewd in that particular sequence.

By positioning the mouse on the page number, you can view its name. This  option is available for the major browsers.

The table shows a summary of all the data represented in the graphs: By clicking on the "Trend" report on ShinyStat - Icon in correspondence with the url/name of each page, you access the report that shows the distribution of requests for the selected page.

The numbers that identify the various pages are not always the same, as they are reassigned monthly progressively, based on the succession with which each page is viewed by visitors.

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