Paths - Advanced options

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It is possible to select the paths that started from a certain page by clicking on the desired page number (light blue with an active link) in the "Page ID" column of the table.

Starting from the detailed report, it is also possible to select another number (among the blue ones) to view the paths including that specific sequence of pages.

For example, by clicking on page number 1, the report will show only the paths starting from page 1.
By selecting another page (e.g. n° 7), only the paths that start from page 1 and continue to page 7 (as second page) will be displayed.

Similarly, it will be possible to click on a third (quarter, fifth, etc.) number to find out how many times the path from the first selected page to the second, then to the third (fourth, fifth, etc.) page has been followed.

The numbers that identify the pages are not always the same, as they are progressively reassigned monthly, based on the sequence in which the pages are requested.


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