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The best way to analyse the Not-provided keywords is to relate them to the landing pages.
Restrict the scope of the observation, it makes possible to obtain more reliable results.

The report Not-provided > Pages presents the list of pages with which users have landed on a website after researching into a search engine, that has provided the indication "Not-provided keyword" to the browser.

The report shows a summary of traffic data relating to each of the pages listed and for each it displays a list of the keywords that users may have used to enter the site starting from the page taken into consideration and that the search engine identified as "not-provided".
In the first table are indicated for selected period:

Each row of the table shows the following data:  

N.B. The report is available only as Beta version in the Pro and Business versions.

If you have any concern, please contact the ShinyStat™ Support Center.

In Demo versions it is available as an "Optional Feature"; so it can be activated or deactivated through the configuration panel of your account ShinyStat™.

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Not Provided Keywords (Beta)