Channels - Introduction (read first) : Channels, what they are and what they do

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CHANNELS are subsets of an account intended to separately analyse the traffic generated by specific sections of the website.
The configuration of a CHANNEL allows then to analyse the traffic generated exclusively by a specific section of the website and, in particular, by all those web pages whose address satisfies the requirements (i.e simple text filters or regular expressions)  provided for the definition of the channel itself.
By configuring a channel, a new report will be made available, showing only the standard metrics concerning the pages of the website whose address meets the rules for the configured channel.

In particular, for each Channel the following data will be available:
- unique visitors
- visits
- page views
- average time per page
⁃ average time per visit

Channels are ideal for portals and rich-content websites consisting of a large number of sections, as they allow to simplify the reading of the reports.
They also offer excellent business opportunities for those who need to present to customers, affiliates, sponsors or advertisers differentiated and specific data, allowing a proper quantification and valorization of the space offered.

In order to configure a new channel or to edit an existing one, simply follow these steps:  

For a correct functioning of the system, it is necessary that each page of the channel contains the ShinyStat™ HTML code .

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Channels - Introduction (read first) : Channels, what they are and what they do