B2B module (Business to Business)

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How can you gain real-time insight into traffic generated by companies connecting to your site? How can you tell if your site attracts business users? Which companies visit your site? How often do they come back? Do they stay with you or leave your site after viewing the home page?

Through the “last 300 visits” report, you can see the latest companies to visit your site, while by using the B2B module you can also separately analyse the traffic generated by business users.
In the “B2B Module” report, you can see in detail all of the companies which visit your site over a selected period of time.  

In the initial summary, the following information is shown for the selected period:

indicates the flow of visits from companies in the period under consideration and, in particular, the change in percentage of visits in the second half of the period compared to the first half.

Filters Graph
The graph shows the days or months selected (on the horizontal axis) and the number of visits and bounce visits on the vertical axis. It is possible to change the graph type by clicking the corresponding icon (top right).
For periods up to 184 days, the graph is displayed with a dashed line as well as the moving average for 7 days. For periods longer than 184 days, only the moving average is displayed.
On each row of the table, the following information is shown for the selected period: Attention!
 Remember that access to this report will be password protected, even if you choose to make the results visible to third parties by deselecting the “password protected” option under “Setup > Preferences”.

In the ShinyStat Pro version users will be able to display only the first page.

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B2B module (Business to Business)