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How is it possible to analyse in detail the traffic generated by individual companies connecting to your site?

Beyond the primary report that provides an overview of visits made by business targets, ShinyStat also offers further details to analyse visits made by each company that visits your site.


In the initial summary, the following information is shown for the selected period:

Trend indicates the flow of visits from companies in the period under consideration, in particular, the change in percentage of visits in the second half of the period compared to the first half. 

Graph – Trend of visits by companies
The graph shows the days or months selected on the horizontal axis and the number of visits and bounce visits (those concluded after seeing only the front page) on the vertical axis.
It is possible to change the type of graph by clicking on the corresponding button (top right).
For periods up to 184 days, the graph is displayed with a dashed line as well as the moving average for 7 days.
For periods lasting more than 184 days, only the moving average is displayed.

Chart - Total referrers (How companies found your site)
The pie chart shows the percentage distrubution of visits that each company has made to your site from various sources: search engines, pay per click, campaigns, blogs and social networks, direct requests.
Clicking on “Details” (bottom right) gives you access to reports detailing traffic information for each source: number of visits, data flow, percentage of total, trends, bounce visits, bounce rate.

Tables – Referrers

The following tables show further details of the traffic sources shown in the pie chart in descending order. In particular, they show:
Referral page details

This report provides a list of pages that have referred a company to your site.
The bounce rate for each site is shown (the number of times a company has left your site after viewing only one page)  

Graph - Geolocation (Cities where companies visiting your site are based)

The pie chart shows the percentage distribution of visits by companies depending on the geolocation and, in particular, the city where they are based.
Information regarding the city is taken from the IP address of the visitor.

Clicking on “Details” gives access to the report showing data related to each city of origin, providing the number of visits from each city and the percentage of total visits.

In the ShinyStat Pro version only the first page is available.

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