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How can I see the list of Monetary Conversions?

In the section named Settings > Monetary Conversions Listing, you can see the table that shows the following data for each Monetary Conversion:

Moreover, clicking on the button named “Create a new Monetary Conversion”, you can set a new conversion.
At last, by using the drop-down menu in connection with “List Monetary conversions”, you can select only active conversions or only inactive conversions or all conversions.  

Clicking on the “Modify”, you can modify the conversion description.
Instead, the name chosen for each conversion cannot be changed.

Deactivate / Activate conversions

To stop the collection of data relating to a conversion, simply click on the “State” button.
So, the conversion is shown as “inactive”.
To reactivate it later, simply reclick on the same button.

Watch out!

Before reactivating an old conversion, please verify that the conversion code is still present in the conversion page.
If the ShinyStat code has been removed, it is necessary to insert it again in the conversion page.

Example of
Conversion Code
To recover the example of the conversion code, simply click on the last icon on the right (“Example of HTML code”).
For further information about the installation, you can see the section Setting – Monetary Conversions.

Watch out!
Conversions configured by using the 4.0 version are not compatible with those configured by using 3.7 version.
If in your conversion pages, the 3.7 conversion code is still present, please remove it before proceeding with 4.0 conversions configuration.
For any doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Support Centre

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