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In which report can I check in real time the referrers and the interests of the visitors present on the website?

This report shows respectively the “last 100 visits” for the ShinyStat Free Version (*), the "last 200 visits" for the Pro version and the “last 300 visits” for the Business one. The table relates for each visits the following data: Date and Time, Description, Country and City, Browser, Operating System, Referrers, Landing page (**).

This field indicates the IP address recipient be it a provider, an institution or a company.
The descriptions of the IP address ranges are provided by the public whois database of the RIPE or other internet coordination centers outside Europe.

The city of origin coincides with the one present in the geolocation report.
You are reminded that ShinyStat is not responsible for any error or inaccuracy since these data are provided by the International Bodies which manage the IP addresses Assignment.

Depending on the visitor provenance, in this column you will be able to find, in addition to the headings URL, Search Engines, Direct Request, Campaign or Pay per Click.

“Not provided” keywords
"Not provided" keywords continue to increase. Since several months Google doesn’t provide keywords data any more.
Therefore all web analytics platform, including Google Analytics, cannot show the keywords used to reach web sites.
In fact each browser receives an empty search string which is defined as "not provided keyword" instead of the true keyword used to find the web site.
For more information, please visit the post on ShinyStat Blog.

Landing Page (**)
This column shows the first page your visitor sees during the visit.
We remind you that in order to track data properly, the ShinyStat Code must be correctly inserted in each page of your website.

Please notice that the content of this report is protected by password even in case you decided to make your statistics visible to the public.

(*) The "Latest 100 visits" report is available in the ShinyStat Free version for accounts that have the Optional Features active.
(**) Data relating to landing pages are only available in the ShinyStat Pro and Business versions.

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