How to create a new account

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To create a ShinyStat™ Pro or Business account, the billing and invoicing data entry is requested in the registration form.
After clicking on the "Confirm" link received by e-mail, it will be possible to choose the most appropriate range of page-views per month based on the website traffic to be analyzed.

The price varies based on the maximum number of monthly page views reachable from the website.

ShinyStat™ Pro and ShinyStat™ Business are valid for one year after the activation date.

Every month, for the entire duration of the service, the account will have at its disposal the number of pages views chosen at the time of purchase.
Once the number of pages has exceeded, ShinyStat™ will not measure any more data.
The service will start again on the first day of the next month. 

At any time, it will be possible to upgrade your subscription to a higher ShinyStat™ version or to a higher number of page views, paying the difference between the annual costs of the reference two versions, increased by the amount corresponding to the period in which the service has already been used.  

NOTES for filling in the form:

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