How can I measure the requests to files on the web site (PDF, ZIP etc)?

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How can I measure the requests to files on the web site (PDF, ZIP, etc)?

Thanks to this procedure the ShinyStat Business user will be able to know how many times his/her visitors click on a particular link on his/her web site.

A 'Link' can be a hyperlink to another site as well as a hyperlink pointing to the download of an application or a file.

By identifying the most popular links, the ShinyStat user will be able to better manage his/her site. Thanks to this feature, we could on the one hand be positively surprised by discovering that visitors often click on a link that leads to the .pdf file in which our product is described; on the other hand we could also discover that the link that they click on mostly is the one that leads to another site so that visitors abandon our pages even before having checked out their content.

The analysis of the exit links is extremely useful in order to check how many requests actually lead visitors to a partner site or to know the number of clicks made by visitors on a particular advertising banner on your site.

To measure every single exit link, follow this procedure:

- Step 1 - Specify the Destination URL of the link.
- Step 2 - Insert the special tracking URL into the link.

To use the service, the page with the link must contain the ShinyStat HTML code.

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