Socio Demographic Data

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The Socio Demographic tool is a statistically based report that allows to analyze the socio-demographic profile of visitors to your website with several markers, such as gender, age and interests.

Knowing if the site is visited as a percentage by men or women allows learn about the interlocutors and better target the offering.
Similarly, knowing the statistical distribution of the audience by age, distinguishing by gender, it is an excellent basis for evaluating the approach to choose, the services to offer and the strategies to carry out.

Finally, the identification the categories in which the visitors are most interested provides a full statistical view of the audience, fundamental to define strategies, select content, evaluate the advertising spaces.

N.B. This report is also available in the Free version, with some restrictions.
The report is an "Optional Feature": it can be activated or deactivated at any time by the configuration panel of your ShinyStat ™ account.

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