Personalisierung von Website-Inhalten basierend auf der Art des Besuchers: On-Site Marketing Automation, um Buyer Personas zu finden - ShinyAdapt

Adaptive Inhalte, um das Ziel zu treffen

Installieren Sie die Software, mit der Sie den Benutzern Ihrer Website ein personalisiertes Erlebnis bieten können.

Custom Real Time contents

ShinyAdapt offers the possibility of dynamically making your website an environment that meets the needs of visitors. The intervention of DMP in the delivery of the contents by the CMS of the site is crucial to guarantee a greater percentage of success in the generation of conversions. Every digital present and future experience must be linked as close as possible to the profile of those navigating at that moment.

The characteristics of the visitor as a driver

ShinyAdapt can provide the CMS of the site with crucial information in the instant in which the user is loading the page, making sure that the same responds perfectly to the needs of the latter. The conversions will therefore be facilitated by contents that will respond simultaneously to the tastes and habits of the subjects belonging to the cluster to which that navigator belongs.

ShinySense DMP at disposal of your business

ShinyAdapt can offer an outsourcing Audience targeting service using ShinySense proprietary DMP. This Data Management Platform, which SevenData has designed and implemented, re-elaborates the information anonymously through statistical models that guarantee full compliance with the current privacy legislation.

Integrazione su misura con qualsiasi CMS

Grazie ai plugin nativi sviluppati per le principali tecnologie CMS disponibili sul mercato (Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop) ShinyAdapt consente un'integrazione rapida e completa con qualsiasi sito web, mantenendo quelle caratteristiche di flessibilità e customizzazione che la contraddistinguono come soluzione unica nel panorama della Marketing Automation.

Step 1

A browser enters the site for the first time

Step 2

DMP ShinySense recognizes it as:
- 35-44 years old

Step 3

ShinySense DMP sends this information in real time to the CMS of the site

Step 4

The CMS of the site adapts the landing page with: contents, products, copy and images suited to the profile of that special browser

Adaptive content to hit the Target

Install the software that allows you to offer a personalized experience to the navigators of your site.