Wir entwickeln und aktualisieren unsere Clustering-Software mit Millionen probabilistischer Sozio-Demo- und Interessendaten des italienischen Publikums

The proprietary audience that enables the maximum result to be achieved

In the Italian scenario, ShinySense has a one of the most extensive information collection pool on a statistical and aggregate basis, for this reason it can guarantee the highest degree of accuracy in achieving single user clusters.

Over 50 variables allow our algorithms to guarantee the most effective probabilistic data

The ShinySense proprietary technology is the result of tens of years of experience in the field of data analysis in a digital environment that our team has integrated with the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to obtain probabilistic data very close to point data.

Tens of millions of "page views" developed by over 5 million "unique users" per day

Clustering of the probabilistic data carried out by the ShinySense proprietary technology can count on extremely high daily traffic volumes which leads to a unique ability when refining the output of the data that populate our DMP.

Reliable and performing probabilistic data

ShinySense DMP was developed in compliance with the stringent constraints that the European Privacy legislation now imposes and uses advanced Bayesian statistics algorithms in order to return a probabilistic data consistent and aligned with the deterministic data.