Accompagniamo le aziende nel magico mondo dei dati: la nostra consulenza continuativa completa


The settings of our ongoing consultancy support in the data world is linked to circular processes in which the datum and its performance are placed at the centre. We firmly believe in the analysis of activable data and in the continuous use of A/B tests. We think that planning changes, measuring them ex ante and ex post and setting up a continuous circular process that will bring value in the short and long term is essential.

Kaizen and ongoing improvement process

Our consultants firmly believe in the continuous improvement process. The datum is at the centre of our analysis and the reference point to be constantly improved. We never stop and we learn together with our partners from successes and mistakes, well aware about the fact that we don't make reasonings on opinions, but only on measurable quantitative data.

You will not be alone amid the data vastness

We provide our partners with continuous support in the strategic choices that concern the data and measurement world. We take our clients along a formation course aimed at understanding the real potential of a correct management of their data.

Reporting automation

With our partners and based on their specific business models, we will set up an automated continuous measurement dashboard that is the starting point in the analysis process in order to ease the acquisition of events on the site, the conversions and the achievement of predetermined goals so the company can easily adopt strategies that are useful for the improvement.