Video analytics in real time

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Traditional web analytics tools don’t allow you to obtain detailed information about the multimedia content fruition.

ShinyStat™ Video Analytics is a complementary and parallel module of Web Analytics which enables you to get real-time information about how your users interact with the video and multimedia content on your site.

To find out more about how videos can help your online communication we recommend this ShinyStat™ presentation.

Main features:

- Absolute unique visitors and daily unique visitors for each video
- Total viewing time and viewing time average
- Percentage of video completion
Viewing Spectrum to analyze every single portion of a video
- Data measurement about videos
published on your own web site or embedded
   on others ones
Data measurement about videos distributed
- Geolocation provides insight in which country, region or even city a video has
   greatest impact
- The platform is interfaced with the main online video platforms (YouTube,
   Vimeo) and with the key video players (such as JW Player)
- It works with Javascript or Actionscript (Video Flash Player) and HTML 5

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ShinyStat™ Video Analytics