Pages (Landing Pages of each Referrer)

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With the word Pages, ShinyStat points to the report that list all the landing pages for each referrer.
This report is symmetrical to the one called Refs (Referrers of each Page).

Which keyword give me a dual positioning on search engines? Which precise page of my site is linked in that forum?
Which users link directly to my  fotogallery? And which ones link instead to a specific product page or to a specific service page? Do my users enter directly in any sub-section of my website?

The  Pages report provides you with a better understanding of the position occuped by your website in search engines, and in the net in general.

An in-depth analysis of the referrers' landing pages is also very useful in figuring out what prompts users to visit your site. By a timely and detailed analysis of  referrers in real time, you can actually gauge your Internet  brand reputation, and also take stock of quotes and comments published in various sites, portals and blogs that mention your company, your products or other items of interest related to your business area.

By checking whether the mentions in the referrers' sites are favorable or not, and analysing the traffic generated by them, you can appreciate the heat generated by a particular quote, and decide accordingly whether you need to do something about it.
A prompt and in-depth analysis of the Referrer, together with an examination of other factors connected to it (like the position of that traffic source in search engines, the popularity of the referring page, the network of links it belongs to, and so on) you are in a better position to gauge the feedback, and intervene whenever appropriate.

For more information about this report, please take a look at the page called Referrer > Pages Report (Landing Pages for each Referrer).

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