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The table in this report shows data relating to the latest visits to your website – the last 100 visits in the Free version, the last 200 visits in the Pro version, and the last 500 in the Business version of ShinyStat.
This report is an expansion of the "last 15 visits" report not only because it lists a greater number of visits but also because it provides further interesting data like where the visitor comes from and the landing page. Each of these pieces of data, although already available in their respective reports, takes on greater importance if connected with the other data.
This report may bring to light other new information, highlighting a closer relationship between a referrer site and the content of a specific page, for example.
Furthermore, knowing which pages of your website are visited and by whom allows you to better anticipate the requests or needs of your customers.

Please note that the information in this report is tracked in real time and updated at any new visit. Shinystat does not record nor archive such data.
The following data relating to each visit is visible in the table:
- Date and time
- Description
- Country and city
- Browser
- Operating system
- Referrer
- Landing Page

Below is some useful information to help your understanding the report:

Shows the IP address owner, be it a provider, an institution or a company.

As well as the country you will also find the name of the city. By clicking on the city you can see all the visits to your site from that city in the last 31 days in accordance with the geolocalization report.
N.B.: Please bear in mind that, unlike all other information on the platform which is generated by ShinyStat, data regarding the geolocation of IP addresses is based on information provided by telephone operators in each country. ShinyStat is therefore not responsible for any errors or discrepancies.

This shows how the visitor reached your site. In this column you will be able to see various kinds of information:
- URL, if the visitor reached your site by clicking on a link in another website;
- Search engines, if the visitor reached your site using a search engine. In this case you will also see the keyword entered by the user;
- “Direct request”, if the visitor entered your website URL directly in the browser address toolbar or via a link saved among the 'Bookmarks' or 'Favourites';
- “No referrer” is used when a request was sent to the ShinyStat server with a missing or incorrect referrer.

Landing page
In the last column you can see the landing page, i.e. the first page visited in the session. If you link this information with the referrer and description, you will be able to optimize the usability and the search engine ranking of your website.
Very important!
Please keep in mind that in order to properly gather all relevant data our service must be installed correctly. In particular the Shinystat code must be inserted in all your web pages to make sure that the data related to the referrer and the landing page appears in the report.
Please note that ShinyStat has decided to safeguard the privacy of visitors to your website by protecting this report with a password, even if customers have made the statistics of their website accessible to the public.

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