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ShinyStat™ Adblock Analytics is a very useful tool to evaluate the repercussions generated by adblock usage on your site. 

Thanks to ShinyStat™ Adblock Analytics you can analyse the traffic received from visitors browsing with adblock. 
Moreover, it allows publishers to understand how much revenue they are losing. 

The new reports included in the “ShinyStat Adblock Analytics” section enable you to get an overview of the traffic received by users browsing with adblock, providing details about this subset of visitors depending on the device (desktop, mobile, tablet, smartphone). 

ShinyStat™ Adblock Analytics does not require any configuration
It is available in ShinyStat™ Pro and Business versions and it provides the following reports: 

Page views with Adblock
Visits with Adblock
New visitors with Adblock 
Monthly unique visitors with Adblock
Weekly unique visitors with Adblock 
Daily unique visitors with Adblock 

For each of listed metrics, the corresponding report shows data according to the device used by visitors: 

- Overall data (regardless of the used device, both mobile and desktop)
- Data from desktop devices
- Data from mobile devices
- Data from tablet
- Data from smartphones

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