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Ranking per keyword

A high ranking on search engines is considered to be one of the most effective forms of advertising on the Internet.
And getting listed on the first three pages of results is regarded as absolutely key to improving your site visibility.

As a consequence, you need to constantly monitor your website ranking and verify how successful your search engine optimization software is.

To satisfy such requirements, Shiny has developed an innovative proprietary system: Search Engine Ranking Detection (SERD™), which offers you the following advantages:
  • SERD™ is an objective form of measurement designed to determine the effectiveness of your search engine optimization strategy
  • SERD™ is an online ShinyStat Business feature that does not require any software installation
  • SERD™ automatically checks site ranking on the major search engines.
  • SERD™ tracks site ranking in relation to any keyword used by surfers to query search engines and reach your site

SERD™ is the tool which allows you to monitor your improvements, compare your performance with that of your competitors, and develop a successful site by choosing the best ranking strategy. SERD™ is specifically designed to quantify the success of your site and determine its ranking as follows:
  • Ranking by search engine (*)
    The overall ranking of the tracked site on a search engine calculated as the average position of the keywords searched for
  • Ranking by keyword (one search engine)
    The average ranking of the tracked site on a particular search engine for every keyword search.
  • Ranking by keyword (all search engines)
    The average ranking of the tracked site on all search engines for every keyword search.
(*) Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.

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