Statement of User Privacy

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Statement pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 no. 196

With the entry into force of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 no. 196, containing provisions for the protection of persons and other persons with regards to the processing of personal data, Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l., with headquarters in Milano, Viale Sarca, 336 - 20126 (MI) ITALY, in its capacity as "owner" of the processing is obliged to supply some information regarding the use of personal data.
This Decree governs the processing of personal data, that is, any operation or set of operations, carried out with or without the assistance of electronic means, regarding the collection, registration, organization, preservation, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, circulation, cancellation, and destruction of data, even if not registered in a data bank.
The Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 no. 196 stipulates that "the person concerned" or "the person from whom the personal data is collected" must be informed of the following.

Source of personal data
With regard to the personal data in the possession of Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l., they are collected directly from the person concerned, while browsing data for websites that use the ShinyStat service are processed through the operating code placed on the sites. All the data collected will obviously be processed confidentially and in compliance of the ruling normative. Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l. undertakes to process the personal data legally and correctly; to collect and register them for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and to use them in other processing operations on terms which are compatible with such purposes.
Moreover, it undertakes to check that they are accurate, up-to-date, pertinent, complete and not beyond the purposes for which they are collected and then processed, and to keep them in a way allowing for the identification of the person concerned for a period of time no greater than necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and then processed.
We would like to inform you that Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l. does not require the indication of data that the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 no. 196 deems "sensitive".
Article 4, paragraph 1 letter d) of the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 no. 196 defines as "sensitive" the personal data that might be used to disclose the racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other types of convictions, political opinion, party membership, unions, associations and organizations of philosophical, political or trade union nature, as well as personal data that might disclose the state of health and sexual lifestyle.
The data may be processed only with the written consent of the person concerned and subject to the Guarantor's prior authorization, in observance of the provisions and limitations established by the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 no. 196, as well as by law and regulations.

Purposes of the processing for which the data are intended
1.The personal data of the person concerned will be processed within the scope of the normal activity by Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l. and the processing will be carried out in compliance of the law and/or deriving from the contract to which the concerned person is a party (in order to be able to provide the user with the ShinyStat service, or to include the user's Site or Webpage on the search engine "ShinyStat's Top Sites", "ShinyStat's users" and other services provided by Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l., for example: Search engine ShinySeek).
2.The processing of personal data of the person concerned will also be applied when sending commercial communications regarding the Triboo's services.
The contribution of the personal data necessary for these purposes is optional, however the refusal to supply the data -given the specific need of the data requested for the purpose intended-, might result in Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l. not fulfilling the letter of the law and/or provisions of the contract of which the person concerned is party (as far as point 1) and make it impossible for Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l. to send commercial communications regarding Triboo's services (referred to in point 2).

Forms of data processing
In relation to the stated purposes, the processing of the personal data is carried out using manual, computer-based and telematic tools, with logic that is strictly correlated to the purposes intended, and in any case, in such a way as to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the data.
In any case, the protection of the personal data is guaranteed by Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l. .

Category of persons to whom data may be communicated
In order to carry out its activities, Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l. shall communicate the personal data of the persons concerned only and exclusively to recipients of the communications strictly connected for purposes referred to at point 1) and to persons to whom the communication is obligatory by law.
Persons that belong to categories to whom the data may be communicated shall use the data in the capacity of "owners" pursuant to the law, in full autonomy, being outside the original processing carried out by Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l.

Rights as per Art. 7
Moreover, we want to specify that Art. 7 of the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 no. 196 confers on the citizens the exercise of specific rights.
1.The person concerned has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or non existence of personal data pertaining to him even if not yet registered and that their communication be available in an intelligible way.
2. Moreover, the person concerned has the right to know:
a) the origin of the personal data;
b) the purpose and modality of the processing;
c) of the logic applied whenever the processing involves use of electronic tools;
d) the identification details of the owner, of the responsible and of the designated representative pursuant to Article 5, paragraph 2;
e) of persons or categories of persons to whom the personal data may be communicated or person who may acquaint himself of the information as a designated representative on State territory, also of responsible and persons in charge.
3. Moreover, the person concerned has the right to know:
a) the updating, the rectification, as well as the integration of the data whenever deemed of interest;
b) the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous manner or the blocking of processed data in violation of the law, including those that do not need to be kept when compared to the purposes for which they were gathered and were later processed;
c) certification that the operations described at letters a) and b) were made aware, even in regards to content, to persons for whom data have been communicated or circulated, except for cases in which such a condition might be impossible to achieve or necessitates an inordinate amount of means when compared to the enforcement of the right.
4. The person concerned has the right to oppose, in part or wholly:
a) for legitimate reasons to the processing of his personal data even though they might be pertinent to the purpose of their collection;
b) the processing of his personal data for the sending of advertising material or direct sales or for commercial communication about products of Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l.
You may request more information directly from Triboo Data Analytics S.r.l. Sales Office: Milano (Italy), Viale Sarca, 336 - 20126 (MI) , or by email to