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Step 3 - Basic setting: account, counter and multiaccount

Setting: Domains to be considered

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In this field you need to enter all the domains, one per line, where your site pages can be reached from, including the domain entered in the field 'URL' in the User Information page.

For instance, if your site can be reached via, and, in the field 'Domains to be considered' you need to enter:

In this field you must not enter the URL of a single page of your site (for example:, or the URLs of the sites containing links to your own web site, but only the domains which point directly to your tracked site.

If this field is filled in properly, you will be able to:
-Decrease the amount of pages reported as 'Unknown'
-Avoid to track pages of your own site as a referrer
-Allow the SERD™ in the 'Search Engines', 'Search Keywords' and 'Sites' reports to work properly.

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