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Step 5 - How to read and understand basic reports

Advanced Calendar - Compare to Past

 ShinyStat Business
How can I compare data of different time lapses?
It is possible to compare data from different time periods using the "Compare to past" button
available in the Advanced Calendar. To proceed, please do as follows:

  • 1. Open the Advanced Calendar
  • 2. Select the first time interval with the cursors in the blue timeline bar or in the calendars, as indicated in the description of Advanced Calendar
  • 3. Click on "Compare to past" button
  • 4. Select the second period of interest with the orange timeline or in the calendars, as indicated above
  • 5. Click on "Display Report" to view data for the selected intervals
Watch Out:
The second time interval may not be subsequent to the first, and it cannot be broader neither; it must refer to a number of days equal to or less than those considered in the first selected interval.

By activating the option “Compare to last year”, it is possible to  select automatically an analogous period more than 12 months back in time.  

After making your selection, the report will show in blue all the data related to the first time interval (i.e. the reference interval that is analyzed), while all the data concerning the second time interval selected will be displayed in orange.

Similarly, the chart shows two lines of different colors to highlight graphically the comparison between the two periods:
  • Blue line: indicates the data of the first selected time period
  • Orange line: indicates the data of the second selected time period
The table will report daily (or monthly in case of periods that include more than 122 days) data related to the metric in consideration.
In particular, each table row will show the following data:
  • 1st Period: days (or months) of the first selected period
  • 2 nd Period: days (or intervals) of the second selected period
  • Values of the first interval for the metric in consideration
  • Values of the second interval for the metric in consideration
  • Difference: indicates the difference between the values of the first and second period
  • Percentage difference: it indicates the percentage difference between the values of the first and second period. The value will be green if the difference is positive or red if it is negative or equal to zero. 
The "Compare to past” feature is available in ShinyStat Business only.

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