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Step 5 - How to read and understand basic reports

Advanced Calendar

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ShinyStat Advanced Calendar allows to select a different period from the ones provided in the “Interval” section.
It is possible to select the interest period in the following ways:

In order to increase/decrease the time range to consider, drag the cursors which are placed on the margins of the blue bar

2) Click directly on the name of the month shown in the Timeline

3) Key in a beginning and ending date in the fields “from” “to” in correspondence to the item “Time Range”

4) Select the beginning and ending date by clicking on the fields “from” “to” in the calendars which appear

Once the period is selected, it is necessary to click on the button “Display Report”

ShinyStat Online Help - Advanced Calendar
If the period you want to select doesn't appear on the timeline, it's enough to increase the “Time Scale” by clicking on the drop-down menu.
For example, if you wish to drag the cursors to select the period between the 01/07/2006 and 31/08/2006, you need to set, as Time Scale, the option “Since subscription date” .

The last period you set in the Advanced Calendar, will be shown in the sections “Interval” and “Compare metrics” too and it holds steady even passing from a report to another (with exclusion of the Geolocation and Countries reports)  

Compare to past
By clicking on the "Compare to past" [*] button, an orange timeline through which you can select a second interval (previous to the former one) will be shown. This way you can compare data related to the metric which is being examined.
By clicking again on "Compare to past”, you can remove the orange timeline that was previously opened.
For more information: Compare to past

[*] The "Compare to past” feature is available in ShinyStat Business only.

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