Conversions allow the ShinyStat Business user to better analyse the success of any promotional actions in order to grow his online business.

A conversion is a specific action performed by a web site visitor among the ones chosen by the ShinyStat user for his/her own objectives of analysis.

The most common conversions are the completion of an online order or sale, the completion of a form or an online survey. These are just some examples of conversions; the ShinyStat user will choose his/her own conversion points and his/her own object of analysis.

But how can we link precisely these conversions to the various marketing and advertising actions perfomed by the user?

ShinyStat Business allows you to identify the advertising campaigns or referrers the visitors performing the highest number of conversions are coming from. This allows you to make the most appropriate choices for your own advertising methods. You might find out that a specific campaign has a high number of visits but few conversions, while another one has a minor number of visits but a high conversion rate.

Conversions’ Tools & Purposes:

Referrer Conversions Understand the importance of referrer links.
Campaign Conversions Analyse the impact of advertising campaigns.
Campaign ROI Quantify the return on advertising investment.
Campaign CPC and CPA Optimize the costs of campaigns.
How conversions work