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In the table below you will find the parameters offered by the four ShinyStat versions: the essential entries are systematically grouped per subject.
Traffic Reports Free Pro Business ISP
Page views
New visitors  
Unique visitors  
Visit frequency  
Average number of visits per hour
Average number of visits per days of the week
Miscellaneous Reports Free Pro Business ISP
Report page setting
Weekly report via e-mail
Password protected reports  
Block own IP numbers or single computers  
Comparative Reports    *
Secure Server    *
Last visits Free Pro Business ISP
Last 15 visits
Last 100 visits    
Last 300 visits   
System Reports FreePro BusinessISP
Operating systems with version
Colour palettes and Screen resolutions
Cookies, Java and Javascript  
Referrers FreePro BusinessISP
Search Engines
Search Keywords
Country of Origin
Search Origin  
SERD (Search Engine Ranking Detection) FreePro BusinessISP
Ranking per keyword    *
Ranking per search engine    *
Pages FreePro BusinessISP
Requests per page  
Entry pages  
Exit pages  
Page groups  
Entry page groups  
Exit page groups  
Page views per visitor  
CGI, ASP, PHP parameters support  
Dynamic pages  
Exit links   
Times FreePro BusinessISP
Time spent on each page  
Time spent on site  
Icons/Counters FreePro BusinessISP
Standard counter
Double counter
Online counter
Skin counter  
Invisible icon  
Online visitors and other values
Conversions FreePro BusinessISP
Conversions by search engines    *
Conversions by referrers    *
Conversions by campaigns    *
Campaign CPC/CPA    *
Campaign ROI    *
Paths FreePro BusinessISP
Paths    *
Graphic representation of paths    *
Search a path    *
Export FreePro BusinessISP
Export to PDF format    *
Export to Postscript format    *
Export to CSV format (for MS-Excel)    *
Benchmarking FreePro BusinessISP
General Benchmarking on visits per month    *
Benchmarking on page views    *
Benchmarking on new visitors per month    *
Benchmarking on time spent on site    *
Benchmarking on time spent per page    *
Benchmarking on page views per visit    *
Benchmarking on referring sites    *
Benchmarking on direct requests    *
Benchmarking on visits from search engines    *
ISP Options FreePro BusinessISP
Control panel     
Technical Support FreePro BusinessISP
Online guide
Advertisements FreePro BusinessISP
No banner ads  
Note: the features marked with asterisk (*) are available only in the ISP Business version, ie the version exclusively reserved for the ISP customers subscribed to the Retailers Area.