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The report Details for the videos viewed in the given page includes all available information for a given video.

In the table, for a given time period, you can find the following information:

  • Page - it shows the URL of the page where your videos have  been viewed.
  • Number of videos in this page - it shows the total number of videos that have been viewed in the page under examination.
  • Absolute unique visitors - it shows the number of unique visitors or browsers that have viewed one or more videos for the first time, in the given page and in the given time period.
  • Views - it shows how many times all the  videos  were accessed in the given time period, in the given page.
  • Total viewing time - it shows the total viewing time by all viewers of one or more videos in the given  page.
  • Average viewing time - it shows the relationship between the total viewing time  and the number of views.

This data refer to the viewings of all the videos, that have been viewed in the given page.