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ShinyStat™ Video Analytics offers new tools for video analysis in real time

Traditional Web Analytics tools do not provide you with detailed information about the way users access multimedia contents published on the Web.

Video Analytics is an additional module for the Web Analytics platform provided by ShinyStat™, focused specifically on video analysis in real time.

  • Video technology (using the Video Player ShinyStat, YouTube, your own Video Player or another Video Player)
  • Video length
  • Preview of the Viewing spectrum
  • Absolute unique visitors
  • Daily unique visitors
  • Video accesses
  • Total Viewing Time
  • Average Viewing Time
  • Geolocalization
  • Systems
  • Video Analytics - Referrers (Video Referrer)

Video Analytics - Technical Specifications

ShinyStat™ Video Analytics was designed and created to be extremely flexible and currently works with all the following technologies: Javascript or Actionscript (Video Flash Player) and HTML 5.  

Furthermore, the entire platform is already interfaced with the main online video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo) and with the key video players (such as JW Player).