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Is it possible to analyze in detail the viewers' interest for a specific video? Is it possible to monitor the web 2.0 distribution of my videos? How can I understand on which sites the video performs better?

The report with the Viewing details for each video has all the available information for a given video:

  • Summary: the first table provides the viewing data for the video, regardless of the position or the web page where the video was viewed.
  • Chart: it shows the viewing trend, the hoghs and the lows for this video
  • Viewing spectrum: it allows to analyze the viewers'interaction with each segment of the video.
  • Video distribution - Table : it shows the list of pages where this video was published with its corresponding viewing data
  • Video distribution - Chart: the pie chart shows the percentage for the views of this video in the different web pages
  • Geolocation: this report shows the views percentage for this video in connection with the geographical location of the user.
  • Details table: this table shows the viewing details for this video