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This report shows the number of video views coming from the search engines. The first table shows the total number of search engines listed underneath and the number of video views they generated.

  • Time period: by using the drop-down menu you can filter data for the time period you want to analyze.
  • Advanced calendar: you can select specific time periods other than those available with the drop-down menu "time period", thereby choosing freely the time period to examine. For more info on using the Advanced calendar, click here. 
  • Category: by using the drop-down menu you can filter data for the category you want to analyze.
Each table row shows the following data:
  • Search engine
  • Video views: the total number of video views generated by the specific search engine
  • %: the percentage on the total video views coming from search engines
  • Trend: expressed as a percent, it shows the trend of the video views for a given period. In particular, it indicates the percentage variation of the video views rate during the second half of the selected period compared with the first half of the period itself.
By clicking on the "Details" icon dettagli.gif, you can associate each search engine to the terms searched by the visitors to reach your site.
To have access to the report concerning the trend of the video views for each provenance, you need to click on the link in the "Day-by-day" column .

For easier reading, the last row in the list shows the total listed values.