Schritt 4 - Fortgeschrittener Konfiguration: Konvertierungen, Kampagnen und Ausgehenden Links (ShinyStat™ Business)

Monetäre Konvertierungen

Eigenschaft vorhanden für: ShinyStat Business
What are Monetary Conversions?

The term "Conversion" means the successful completion by the visitor of a specific action considered as important to the objectives set by the website manager.

For monetary conversions, the important action is the conclusion of an on-line order, for example booking a hotel through the website, or purchasing a plane ticket, a book or a training course, etc.

Monetary Conversions of a website coincide with the sales generated by that site.
By setting up Monetary Conversions properly, you will be able to know the origin of each purchase made on your website, to evaluate the usability of your e-commerce platform currently in use, to relate your web marketing activities to the proceeds and consequently to promptly improve your conversion rate.

The process for the implementation of Monetary Conversions is divided into the following phases:
  • Configuration and generation of the ShinyStat Monetary Conversion Code
  • Customization and installation of the ShinyStat Code in the conversion's page(s) ( if necessary, involve the company which has produced your e-commerce platform)
  • Verification and test of the functioning

Watch out!
Since Monetary Conversions require the users to fill out a form, the use of this functionality enforces to update the text of the privacy policy on your website, in order to highlight that the data and the navigation session will be collected by the web analytics system.

To configure Monetary Conversions, follow this procedure: 

Assign a name and a description to the Monetary Conversion

You can choose whether to create a unique Monetary Conversion, in order to have single complete reports for your whole shop, or to assign different Monetary Conversions at your will (for example, to differentiate the english section from the ones in other languages, etc.)
The name chosen to identify a Monetary Conversion must be short (maximum 10 characters).

You can add more information in the description field.

Name: ShopOrderxy   Description: Purchase shop xy

Watch out!
Once assigned, the name can not be changed. 
Copy and customize the HTML code and insert it in the corresponding Conversion page(s).
To configure Monetary Conversions you have to modify the ShinyStat Code ONLY in the the purchase confirmation page(s).
Normally, the amount of purchase confirmation pages should correspond to the amount of terms of payment you allow. A purchase confirmation page could be, for example, the credit card authorization page, (generally answerok.php/asp), the confirmation page for a purchase with cash on delivery, the paypal thank you page and so on. Each online shop has its own answer pages with the order or payment confirmation. Please note that you have to insert the conversion code only in this/these page/s. Leave the ShinyStat Standard code in the remaining pages of your website. 

Nota Bene
- In order to ease the insertion, we recommend to use the code offered as a model for the website, respecting the form (paragraphs included) and the content.

-The Monetary Conversion code is composed of two parts: the "User section" and the "Order Section". In order to not preclude the correct functioning of the service, we remind you that the User Section must always come before the Order Section.

-The functions ssORD, ssPROD must be transcribed accurately and both capital and small letters must be respected. - for each order you have to insert a unique call to the function ssORD()with at least the mandatory parameters and any number (from zero to infinity) of ssPROD.

-The call to the function ssCvTrack() is mandatory and must always be placed as the last instruction in the script.

Verification and test of the functioning

Once the conversion code is installed, you must verify its functioning by simulating orders on the site.  By processing and collecting data in real time, ShinyStat allows you to have an immediate feedback. The data collected will be available in the report Conversions> Monetary.